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3Y0E is QRT

Today 2 last log updates arrived from Bouvet Island – the very last station has been logged on Feb. 9. Due to tough weather conditions, Petrus decided to disassemble the station faster than expected during a brief moment of weather window. This really and sadly means:

3Y0E went QRT
on February 9th, 2008
at 19:15 z

Note: all contacts after this date will stand for fakes which means somebody pirated the call cheating you.

All log issues will be double checked once Petrus returns to RSA – all operators concerned will be informed of their log status then.

Warm words of congratulations to all those operators who managed to get into the log! Certainly, this was a tough experience for each side: calling stations and Petrus down there, in Bouvet Isl. battling with pile-ups in a tent with howling winds and temperatures reaching -35°C (-31°F) with a wind chill exceeding -60°C (-75°F)! But as somebody said, chasing a real DX isn’t always “59” – it’s a battlefield where a mixture of good luck and operating skills may do miracles. Sometimes they do, sometimes not. That’s a part of the game friends…

On behalf of the 3Y0E team
Stan SQ8X